About Us

We at Burn Only The Good Stuff! know that The Good Stuff can only be made from the finest balsam fir tips. Our balsam fir tips are responsibly harvested, then air dried on site – right here in beautiful Maine. From those intensely fragrant balsam fir tips we create the finest incense you will ever experience. So, just light a stick of The Good Stuff! and let it waft through your home, office, anywhere. There will be no doubt that you are smelling the one and only – THE GOOD STUFF!

Ask for The Good Stuff! in the finest discriminating gift
and head shops, or score some right here!

Making Balsam Fir incense since 1931.
We make only THE GOOD STUFF!

whatchasmokin Responsible & sustainable!
100% all-natural
Disguise It!
Anytime is the right time for...The Good Stuff

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